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As activism heats up over proposition 203, and especially over 19; people always want to know what women are supporting marijuana.  Well NORML Women’s Alliance is a nonpartisan coalition of prominent, educated, successful, geographical diverse and high profile professional women.  And guess what; that’s right they support legalization.

Some of the heavy activists include actresses and singers.  Ladies such as Mary Louise Parker, Alanis Morrisette, Bette Midler, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Melissa Etheridge, and Francis McDormand are just a few of the big names.

Most of these women agree that we need to stop the fight against marijuana.  We are wasting tons of money to fight something the people want.  The NORML Women’s Alliance has upwards of 114 women and they have certain goals and beliefs, which include:

    • They believe the fiscal priorities of marijuana prohibition are wasting billions of dollars on a failed policy
    • That marijuana prohibition violates states’ rights, and improperly expands the reach of government into the families and personal lives of otherwise law-abiding citizens.
    • They are for an open, honest conversation about marijuana with America’s youth that is void of all propaganda and misleading information.
    • They believe the science-based evidence regarding the therapeutic applications of medical marijuana as well as continuation of research into the subject.
    • They also strongly oppose the sexual exploitation and objectification of women in pot-culture and business marketing.

This brings me to the point that everyone needs to get out there no matter who you are and try to beat this thing from the inside out.  If we raise enough awareness and truth about the drug I think we can prevail as a society.  I’m glad to see women getting involved as much as the men and

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