2 Arrests and 41lbs of Marijuana Seized

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A Durrant traffic stop led to the seizure of 41 pounds of marijuana and the arrest of two men who possessed it by local authorities.  Durant police stopped the car on U.S. 75 and Choctaw Road.  When the police walked up tot the car they smelled the marijuana in the car.  A drug dog was called in to confirm the presence of the drugs in the vehicle.

After police searched the car they revealed a plastic tub containing 35 bricks of marijuana, which turned out to be 41 pounds.  The street value estimated the marijuana to be worth $50,000.  Officers arrested Michael Jermail McDaniel, 21, and Jimmiel Daunte, 24, on complaints of drug trafficking.  They are being held at the county jail in Bryan County.

Another two men captured by the long going drug war.  Can’t we stop wasting tax payer money and police force on non-violent people.  There are more things to worry about such as murderers, kidnappings, and other worse off crimes.

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