Border Patrol in another Seizure

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Agents assigned to the Willcox Station seized 565 pounds of marijuana, valued at more than $454,000 on the street.  It appeared to the agents that the semi was trying to circumvent the checkpoint.  When they finally questioned the driver he couldn’t produce any documentation or explain why he was near that area.

Border Patrol then brought their K-9 team out to the trailer where agents discovered the 24 bundles of marijuana concealed inside.  They then transported the driver and the marijuana to the Willcox Station.  Then agents from the Ajo Station found an abandoned vehicle with several bundles inside as well.  The vehicle and the marijuana was transported down to the station.

The two seizures made for a total of 1,954 pounds of marijuana captured with a total street value of $1,563,200.  Division Chief of Operations, Manuel Padilla Jr., said, “As the Border Patrol continues to gain operational control of our nation’s borders, smugglers are frequently abandoning their loads in order to avoid apprehension.”

Doe that make it right though?  Why not legalize marijuana and make a profit from it?  Why waste our Border Patrol enforcement on a non-harmful drug when others come into this country everyday that are worse?  Just some food for though.

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