Cannabis Distributor Sentenced

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Maziar Soofi was sentenced in federal court on Tuesday and must begin his sentence by December 1st for distributing marijuana in Delaware.  Prosecutors say he will face more than five years in prison for the marijuana operation he was involved in.

Soofi had pleaded guilty to marijuana distribution, money laundering, and tax fraud.  He is the owner of a clothing store, restaurant and nightclub.  Soofi told the judge that he bought and sold marijuana to make up for business failures.

As I see it another innocent man has been brought to justice on trying to be a legit part of society.  If marijuana was legalized, which it should be, then Soofi could have tried a different business, which he obviously sought the potential in.  Marijuana has never killed anyone and is the harmless substance on the earth.  When will people in society realize we need to stick together on this subject no matter if you smoke or don’t smoke marijuana.  It’s an individual choice like drinking alcohol.

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