Cannabis funds Art in California

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California’s Life is Art Foundation has begun to sell marijuana to raise money to support the art community.  The foundation is frustrate by grant proposals and said this is a better way to come up with money to support the cause.

Kirsha Kaechele has said, “The whole game of finding support just started to seem so childish.”  She is the foundation’s director and told the NY Times this is why the foundation has started to sell marijuana to raise funds.  She sells her own marijuana for around $200 per ounce from a plant she grows on her own land in Sonoma.  She use to be an art director in New Orleans, but Hurricane Katrina brought her here and the recession has hit her hard.

The money the foundation is making from selling marijuana has helped to back exhibitions and installations of their 20 plus visiting artists, some of whom helped harvest the plants themselves.  She believes she can reach $1 million in revenues next year to support the operation, which she says is, “completely realistic number.”

Kaechele and many others like her are able to start legit businesses that can obtain profits in high numbers, even after paying taxes to the state.  Vote yes on prop 19 and the State of California will be able to wake themselves up out of debt.

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