Crystal Bowersox Married in Marijuana

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Crystal Bowersox likes to keep things natural in her life and when she married Brian Walker over last weekend, wearing a dress made out of Hemp.  Most of you may know Crystal as the second runner up in American Idol, where she displayed her musical talents.

The single mom, who is known for her dread-locks, exchanged vows wearing an eco-friendly hemp dress in Chicago last Sunday.  The gown featured macramé, seashell and bead detailing.  They got married in front of 60 people at the club where they met during an open mic night six years ago.  Tony, her son, was the ring bearer.

She said, “He wasn’t cool with the lifestyle.  It was a mutual thing…  I want this career, this lifestyle, more than anything, and I didn’t think he was up for it.”

Glad to see more and more celebrities coming to marijuana’s defense.

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