Darwin Mayor takes leave after Marijuana bust

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Darwin Lord Mayor Graeme Sawyer said he will be taking a leave to deal with family issues.  His leave comes right after police raided his house and found marijuana and a replica pistol.  His daughter, 21, and her friend, 24 are to appear in court on drug charges after three grams of marijuana, half gram of methamphetamine, and one ecstasy tablet were found in the home.

Sawyer is not facing any drug charges, but has been summonsed on firearm charges after police located a replica pistol and a silencer in a gun safe.  Mr. Saywer said, “My daughter and five other people were also at the house.  As this matter is under investigation, it is inappropriate that I make any further comment at this time.  Anyone who has children realizes that the hardest job in the world is being a parent and trying to do the best for the ones you love.”

He didn’t want to discuss the matter at all as it was too personal for him.  He is taking leave to be with his family in this time of need.  Of course he wouldn’t have to go through this if marijuana was legal.

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