Don’t feed the ducks

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A French farmer has been one month suspended jail sentence and fined 500 euros for feed the ducks marijuana to get rid of the worms.  Police arrested Michel Rouyer for feeding the ducks cannabis.

The officers involved in the case arrested Rouyer after they discovered 12 marijuana plants and about 5kg of the drug during a visit to his home after a theft.  The police said this was the first time they ever heard of such thing.  Mr. Rouyer said, “no better worming substane” for ducks and that his flock was in excellent health.

Rouyer has also admitted to smoking the marijuana that he was feeding to the ducks as well.  Another reason why marijuana should be legalized everywhere.  Even the ducks show positive health improvements from this remarkable medicine.  The earth created the greatest plant on the earth and that’s cannabis, so shouldn’t everyone including animals enjoy it?

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