Effects of Marijuana Uses on Fertility

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When you say ‘fertility’ do not misunderstand that the word is connected only with women. It is important for men to have enough fertility too. Only women cannot be blamed for the fertility problems. Benefits of marijuana have been vivid and fertility is no exception. Marijuana use has always been recorded as positive and encouraging.

First let us have a look at what the reports of today’s science have to say about marijuana use. Some doctors and experts feel that smoking marijuana can down your sperm count, make your sperm less productive and smoking marijuana lessened the chances of a man becoming a father. There is another source saying that those who smoke marijuana ejaculate too early and too fast.

These are the primary reasons why marijuana is a no-no when it comes to fertility issues. Some people even go on to suggest that one should not smoke marijuana after being newlywed. It hampers your chances of becoming a parent.

However, there is a flip side to these allegations and this is the brighter side as far as marijuana use in one’s life is concerned. Marijuana, hemp, cannabis, whatever may you call it, has been used as a potential sex stimulator for years and years now and is used even in this age and in these days. It gives you the extra power to have an enjoyable sex with your partner.

The benefits of marijuana on sex life have been more than fantastic. You can change your normal, tedious, dull and boring sex life to send it to the point of being zealous. It postpones ejaculation process dramatically. Now all this means a positive sex. This has got enough potential to increase your sex life. Now, how is sex life going to increase without fertility?

Where is the science now?

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