Failure of Prop 19 impacts recreational use

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Gabriel Rodriguez is a student at Laney College and is an advit smoker.  The 20 year old voted in favor of Prop 19 this past Tuesday, but after the results came in he just sat in a corner of the student center at his college.  He sounded resigned about it and said that Prop 19 wouldn’t have benefited every anyway.  You can’t be down about it, you just have to try harder in 2012 to get more people to the polls to vote in favor.

Rodriguez said, “I don’t think Prop 19 would have helped in every way.  Prop 19 is more for cannabis clubs than for the urban environment.”  That’s where I have to disagree, because I think marijuana can benefit everyone in some shape or form.  Even if you don’t use the drug you may know someone who might.  You may know someone who has cancer who wants to try an all-natural herb versus chemotherapy.  Not to mention we all pay taxes and legalization would help lower people’s taxes, especially on useless situations.

Either way this past week made progress.  We were able to show people that marijuana isn’t that bad of a drug and that many people across the country really want it to be legalized like alcohol, so why not?  What do you have to lose by allowing it?

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