Macri says Marijuana available on the PM’s jet

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Nadia Macri is 28-year-old aspiring model and television showgirl.  She is allegedly that Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi paid her over 14,000 for intercourse.  She said that while aboard the PM’s private jet there was marijuana readily available in every room.

Macri said, “There was grass available in all the rooms, it had been brought in on the prime minister’s private jet.  I saw a number of guess smoking, but never the prime minister.  If the prime minister can have marijuana on his private jet than how come marijuana can’t become legalized?

The scandals involving marijuana and sex have called for Berlusconi to step down.  Parliamentary speaker Gianfranco Fini, a one-time ally of the premier, has said that the PM should resign if it is proven that he abused his power in pressuring police.  Berlusconi recently angered gay groups when he stated that, “It’s better to be passionate about a beautiful girl than a gay.”

Powerful people need to start following the same laws as the citizenry.  If they can smoke marijuana on their private jets then we should be allowed as well.  I’m not condoning prostitution and the PM should be punished for that.

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