Man indicted on Federal Marijuana charges

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A man in his Tiverton home was indicted on federal charges that could send him to prison for five years.  He was arrested last month for growing 114 marijuana plants inside his home.  His is a patient in the state’s current medical marijuana program.

Shayne Costa was brought to U.S. District Court in handcuffs and charged with knowingly and intentionally manufacturing more than 100 marijuana plants.  Under federal law, the mandatory minimum penalty for a conviction is five years in prison.  They will also seize Costa’s condominium because “it was property derived from drug trafficking proceeds.”

The authorities seized the marijuana plants and arrested Costa.  They arraigned him in District Court and then he was ordered without bail.  The is more reason just to legalize marijuana in the first place so people can run legit businesses rather than have to always be afraid of the law.

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