Marijuana Facts and Statistics

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Marijuana Facts and Statistics

Marijuana Facts and Statistics

Marijuana is counted amongst the most commonly consumed drug in United States. As per various researches and studies conducted by doctors and scientists, multiple facts and myths have come up that reveal the truth about this drug and what make it so potent. Marijuana facts and statistics show that in the American continent alone, Marijuana produces a billion dollar profit each year while its cultivation had started in the form of Hemp that was made a law in America. In many countries it is known fact that marijuana is legalized there in Asian countries like Pakistan, India and in countries like Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and many other American countries. Marijuana being the most commonly consumed and popular drug is highly smoked in the United States and as per various researches and studies conducted by doctors and scientists, multiple facts and myths have come up that reveal the truth about this drug and make it so potent.

Going by the description, marijuana is dry, shredded mix of flowers, steams and seeds of the plant called cannabis and people usually smoke it in the form of a cigarette or in a pipe. Although there are several marijuana research findings that claim that marijuana smoking is harmful for health; still people take it in a variety of forms that pleases their senses.

Marijuana Research

There are several rules and regulations surrounding Marijuana and as per American regulatory authorities, marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug along side LSD and Heroin. Further, it is defined as being potently addictive and does not have medical usage (which can be contradicted by many other studies pertaining to marijuana research that can prove this drug has medicinal properties).

Any researcher who wishes to study marijuana, must obtain it through the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) and this particular crop has quite a few researchers willing to study this drug in numerous forms and finding out varied statistics out of it regarding its usage and consumption comparing the data from today to last several years since the time this drug was introduced as a form of drug. Since this drug generates millions of dollar business for several growers across the world, someone is arrested for marijuana offence in every 36 seconds and almost 89 percent of these offences are not a part of selling or manufacturing and might just be for possession of this drug.

While there might be several effects and harmful considerations of taking marijuana as listed in several of the websites and online journals; however it is best to stay aware and informed about such consumables prior to taking them and hence for the record there are multiple publications and books that have been written about the ill effects of Marijuana and can be accessed in the form of e-books online and even available in libraries that talk about marijuana facts and statistics.

Such literary sources also talk about how marijuana affects the body internally and sensory perceptions as it has a strong addictive potential that results in strong symptoms and effects like irritability and sleeplessness along with loss of memory and slow unresponsive and nervous system that makes learning procedures a hard thing to do just about any kind of activity. It is necessary to have all the requisite information on marijuana before attempting on its consumption.

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