Marijuana in the Movies

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While Hollywood has had their share of Refeer Madness they have also produced pro-pot classics like Fast Times at Ridgmont High. Try picking out of the following films to show at your next social sativa event.

Marijuana in the Movies

The movie’s that come out of Hollywood these days are all across the political spectrum. What every your interest is there is a movie for you. For those of you interested in watching the screen through a smoke filled haze try one of our suggestions next time.

Refeer Madness (1936)- While technically and anti-pot movie this fill is so unsuccessfully its comical. This movie tells the story of an innocent young man who is driven insane by his uses of marijuana. Under the influence of the drug he goes on a murdering rampage and kills his girlfriend. For best result, try to find the modern reproduction of this film as a musical.

The Big Lebowski (1998)- This flm single handily made Jeff Bridges Hollywood royalty. A case of mistake identity leads to Jeff Bridges low class stoner character known as “The Dude” to get mixed up in a ransom scheme. John Goodman and Steve Bushimi are hallarious as The Dudes friends Walter and Donnie. For a fun extra fun try smoking every time you see the Dude do it.

Half Baked (1998)- This film launched Dave Chapel’s career. When their friend is arrested for accidentally killing a police horse Dave and his friends sell pot to raise his bail. A never ending stream of stoner stereotypes will relate to anyone who has ever smoked. Best part is the countless cameo appearance by everyone from John Stewart, to Snoop Dog, to Willie Nelson.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)- This movie follow the senior class at Ridgemont High School in Hawaii. Sean Peen gives one of his greatest performances as the eternally stoned surfer Spicoli. If you want to know what you parents got high to this is a great choice.

Pinaple Express(2008)- Seth Rogan plays stoner Dale Denton and James Franco plays his loveable drug dealer Saul. When Dale witness a drug hit he is on the run with Saul from gang hit men. Through stoned antic and pure luck the duo contront drug kingpin Ted Jones and take him down. When asked how he prepared for the film Franco pointed out he had just finished making a movie(Milk) where he made out with Spicoli.

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