Marijuana Posters

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Marijuana Posters

Marijuana Posters

Marijuana posters are important way to spread awareness about the drug and the harmful effects it can cause to an individual. Marijuana posters depict various images with different meanings. Marijuana posters are used by both anti-marijuana and pro-marijuana proponents. Anti-marijuana proponents depict the harmful effects of the drugs and flashes horrible images of its effects. On the other hand pro-marijuana proponents depict the beneficial effects of the drug and supports medical usage of this drug.

Marijuana posters for anti-marijuana proponents

Marijuana posters are also used for fun by some people or just out of curiosity or to keep it as a piece of decoration. For anti-marijuana proponents posters depicting the harmful effects of marijuana are used to encourage young people to quit drugs. They believe that when you buy an attractive poster with an attractive saying that communicates the right message for today’s youth it can make a great shift in the change of their minds. Marijuana posters with the saying ‘no to marijuana’ are in high demand as they are encouraging young people addicted to the marijuana to quit the drug.
Some marijuana posters portray various pictures of marijuana leaves or the plant itself with anti-marijuana slogans like ‘America’s most wanted’ etc.

Marijuana posters for pro-marijuana proponents

Posters with the picture of a marijuana grinder depict the funny aspect of this art which many people may also misinterpret as a medicinal herb. However, this is a powerful message that can be used by pro-marijuana proponents in conveying the message about the medicinal properties of this magical herb.
Further some medicinal marijuana posters also include the marijuana leaf along with the doctors’ symbol in it. Some marijuana posters shouts out the words ‘Just legalize it,’ with the words decorated with marijuana leaves.

Marijuana posters for miscellaneous use

The popularity of marijuana posters are also due to the influence of pop culture in today’s society. Marijuana posters with celebrities in it are even more popular amongst youngsters. Most famous celebrity included in such a poster is Bob Marley who is shown smoking cannabis in the picture. Moreover, there are certain funny elements which are being exploited by poster makers to boost sales. This includes two persons smoking pot together in the picture and the word ‘Teamwork’ mentioned in it. Some other catchy slogan used in such posters includes ‘God made grass, man made booze, who do you trust’ and ‘Stop deforestation’ with the picture of a marijuana plant.

Moreover, informative posters about marijuana can be hanged around in the house or any office wall to pass visual information about the effects of marijuana to all people who come across them so that they have a change in their attitude. Marijuana posters which include some motivational thoughts can bring changes in the mind of a person addicted to drugs. For people badly affected by the ill effects of marijuana can stick such motivational posters in their living room to have a change in their mind and quit such habits.

Marijuana posters bring out the humorous side of a serious drug and in the midst of such humor leaves an important message for people to ponder upon. No matter if a marijuana poster is promoting the message to quit the drug or trying to convey the medicinal properties it possess, the humorous side always brings out the lighter image which makes it attractive and also appropriate for people to buy.

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