Marijuana Research

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Marijuana Research

Marijuana Research

Marijuana research is undertaken by various research bodies from time to time to determine both ill and beneficial effects marijuana have on the human body. Marijuana research has been going on for quiet sometimes from the last decade with various results, which are very important for all of us to know. Research on various medical properties marijuana has been going on for a long time. Moreover, determining the various composition of cannabis with its possible effect on the human body is a helpful subject which will make us know more about this drug.

Marijuana research around the world mostly aims to find out the beneficial effects it have on the human body as most people already know about the ill effect it has if taken in a high dosage. It is through research we came to know that inhaling marijuana vapor produced by marijuana vaporizers is better than smoking marijuana from a pot as the toxins are left behind in the evaporation process. New research also showed that marijuana withdrawal in both humans and animals can produce symptoms like irritability, anxiety and depressed appetite. These finding provide us with the evidence the ill effects of marijuana and shows how people can become so much physically dependent on the drug.

Despite political debate regarding the usage of marijuana for medical purpose, clinical investigations and trials have already proved the beneficial effects it have on the human body if taken in proper dosage through proper methods. According to various marijuana research findings marijuana is an effective pain killer which has much lesser side effects than traditional pain killers. It is also found to benefit AIDS and Cancer patients by boosting their appetite.

Despite various research findings on the positive qualities of marijuana FDA continue to say that marijuana has no health benefit at all and its usage and sales are prohibited in most of the states in the US.

Marijuana facts and statistics

There are certain facts about marijuana which everybody should know and also the myths surrounding them.

  • Marijuana causes permanent mental illness: According to myth marijuana causes permanent psychological damage in adolescents causing them to become irrational and erratic. The real fact is that there is still now no scientific evidence to support this. Even if someone gets high on taking high dosage of the drug the effect is temporary and no brain damage is involved.
  • Most people believe marijuana to be highly addictive and regular users’ experiences withdrawal and need medical attention for breaking their habits. The fact is that most marijuana smokers are occasional smokers and less than 1 percent smokes it daily. Even if some people experience withdrawal symptoms they are mild.
  • Marijuana offences are not punished severely: The real fact about marijuana offence today is that there are more arrests today than a decade ago and thousands of people today are still in prison for such offences.
  • Marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco causing lung damage: The fact is that marijuana smoking has lesser effect on lungs, and its tobacco that causes maximum damage. Moreover, there is till now no reports of marijuana related lung cancer case but tobacco related lung cancer are abundant and continues to kill more people around the world.
  • Harm done by marijuana has been proven scientifically: The real fact is that marijuana is not that dangerous than earlier thought to be and it causes minimal harm to human health.
  • Marijuana causes amotivational syndrome: Research spanning for over 25 years have failed to prove that marijuana causes amotivational syndrome.

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