Marijuana Water Pipe

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Marijuana Water Pipe

Marijuana Water Pipe

Marijuana water pipes which are also know as bongs are devices with a bowl shaped base where marijuana smoke goes through water before entering the lungs. Marijuana water pipes are considered to be a healthier way of smoking cannabis with least effect on the health of the smoker. However, this theory is highly debatable as according to some research waterpipes doesn’t necessarily protects smokers from the adverse effect of harmful tars present in marijuana smoke. According to researchers waterpipes filters out phsychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) rather than other form of tars which makes the user smoke more to reach their desired level of satisfaction.

Although marijuana waterpipes filters out harmful gases it is not as effective as marijuana vaporizers. Many marijuana users prefer waterpipes due to the cooler and milder smoke they produce and assume that it is much healthier than other options. However, the harmful carcinogenic tars which are not filtered through the water pipe enter the body which can cause harmful effects.

Just on the basis of this we cannot say marijuana water pipes to be totally unhealthy as they are really effective in filtering out other non-solid toxins from the smoke. Hydrogen Cyanide which is a gas present in the smoke produced by burning marijuana is removed through the filtering process in the marijuana water pipe. Moreover, volatile phenols, aldehydes and carbon monoxide are removed and dissolved while passing through the water.

Marijuana water pipes vary in sizes and designs across various geographical regions in the world depending on various traditions and cultures. In a bong marijuana is placed in a bowl shaped base from which emerge one or more pipes. While passing through the water the smoke cools down to a large extent and gets laced with some moisture which is generally less harmful for the smoker and also reduces the chance of burning the mouth. Through a water pipe you can not just smoke marijuana but also tobacco and other herbs. In many cities today water pipes are available in coffee shops where a group of friends can get together and relax by smoking through the pipes.

Smoking through water pipes have lower incidence of carcinoma among tobacco users than others who consume tobacco by smoking cigarettes, cigars and regular pipes. You can also use marijuana seeds to smoke through the water pipe. In order to purchase marijuana seeds you need to find marijuana seed bank which are also available online. After acquiring the seeds you can use it in your marijuana water pipe to get the taste of smoke it filters. Water pipes and vaporizers are both effective devices which can filter out the toxic elements and leave for you a clean vapor to inhale.

Marijuana vaporizers still have an upper hand over water pipes as the vaporizer do not produce any smoke but vapors which are devoid of toxins. On the other hand marijuana water pipes still produces smoke from burning which is still like smoking marijuana through other means. The only difference is that it passes through water to remove a few harmful substances from the smoke but is still not very effective in completely removing the toxins. Vaporizers is more effective in removing toxins to a greater effect as it do not burn the cannabis and just heat it to a certain temperature to produce vapors which are much less harmful than smoke produce by water pipes.

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