Milwaukee to ban Synthetic Marijuana

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There are many states that are going to ban K2 or synthetic marijuana.  Milwaukee is another state in the union that is banning synthetic marijuana.  The Common Council approved the prohibition of synthetic marijuana yesterday.  People will no longer be able to sell the drug in their stores.

Supporters including Alderman Bob Donovan say synthetic cannabis are often marketed in smoke shops and convenience stores as incense.  The drug however produces a similar high to marijuana.  it doesn’t contain the same amount of THC and is supposedly more dangerous than marijuana in its truest form.  By offering it in smoke shops Donovan says children are more likely and have been purchasing the synthetic marijuana.

Donovan and a few other council members say the proposal is too vague and could impact other legal drugs like alcohol.  They also think the ban would make people go to the black market to purchase such things.  “I need not mention the problems that drugs have brought onto this community or this nation, for that matter.  And I think it’s unconscionable that we’re going to play semantics here and allowed this garbage, in my estimation, this garbage to continue out on our streets, fully accessible to our young people,” said Donovan, who spoke for the majority.

The ban on K2, Cloud 9, and Spice will take effect October 29th, but the real issue is why don’t we make marijuana legal.  People are turning to this over the counter garbage because they don’t wan to go to the black market anymore.  Let’s make the one drug that has never killed anyone legal and then see what happens.

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