NV students get suspended over Marijuana

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In northern Nevada the school’s principal suspended 12 students at a middle school for posting pro-marijuana signs on campus.  Doesn’t the principal know about the first Amendment?

Carson Valley Middle School Principal Robert Been said, “Legalize Weed” and “Freed the Weed” caused a disruption for classmates.  I would counter that will what classmates?  Did it educate them and raise an issue or is the principal just angry?

Of course the principal said it violated a policy requiring all signs to be approved by staff being displayed.  The group hung nearly 30 signs at the Gardnerville School as part of a protest after three classmates were taken into custody on suspicion of smoking marijuana next to campus.

The American Civil Liberties Union, Allen Lichtenstein, said questions whether the signs caused a disruption and thinks their message spurred the crackdown on the students.  That’s exactly what I was getting at above.  The principal had personal reasons for doing what he did and that is not fair.

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