PA Police find Marijuana Operation

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In the western part of the state of Pennsylvania police were called to a neighborhood for a report about prowlers.  When they arrived they didn’t find any prowlers, but instead found a sophisticated marijuana growing operation in a home within the neighborhood.

Police came to Franklin Park last week to investigate reports that two men were prowling in the neighborhood.  A K-9 team were brought by police and ended at a home nearby where no one was there.  They found the marijuana grow operation in the basement of the house.  They said the operation was sophisticated with black lights, humidifiers, and other things to help the marijuana plants grow.  Police didn’t find the two men supposedly prowling, but instead arrested the man who rents the house with the marijuana grow operation.

It is important to know your rights.  Police can’t just enter your home like that without a search warrant, even if they were looking for two men prowling.  If I was the guy arrested I would be getting a good lawyer and taking that to trial.  Overall though we should just legalize marijuana then police wouldn’t have to worry about marijuana grow operations while looking for the real criminals who were prowling the neighborhood.

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