SoCal warehouse producing $20 million in Pot

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In Chino, California police were investigating a broken window earlier Monday morning in a Southern California warehouse when they stumbled upon a marijuana grow operation.  It wasn’t just any grow operation that you find out in the woods, etc…  this was a $20 million marijuana grow operation.

Someone had called in the broken window so Chino police officers showed up to check out the area.  When officers arrived they noticed that there was a huge marijuana grow operation being conducted worth between $5 million to $20 million inside the 4,000 square foot building.  On top of the plants that were found police say that the equipment alone was worth $1.5 million for the cultivation process.

Police haven’t found any suspects connected to the warehouse or to the grow operation, so there were no arrests made.  However, they did say $20,000 in electricity was stolen from Southern California Edison just to harvest the crops.

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