Super High Me, Super Entertaining

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Comedian Doug Benson documentary Super High me is a lighthearted look at the medical effects of marijuana use.

Super High Me

Doug Benson was voted as High Times second best stoner comedian in American, behind only Bill Maher. From the very beginning Super High Me sets itself apart from the normal marijuana documentary. Super High Me opens with a joke. Doug is on stage in a comedy club and he says, if a movie about a guy eating hamburgers for a month is a movie, he is going to smoke weed for a month and call it Super High Me or “business as usual.” After he tells the joke, he explains that after his act a movie producer came up to him and convinced him to actually do it.

Super High Me is not completely without substance. During the movie, Doug goes from his normal habit of smoking, to not smoking for a month, and finally smokes all day, everyday for a month. At every step of this process Doug undergoes a series of tests. Doug gets his sperm count taken, takes the ITBS, gets a physical, and even evaluates his psychic ability. The only positive changes from stopping smoking marijuana were weight loss and slightly improved lung capacity. While not a psychic, Doug did improve substantially on that test while stoned.

Super High Me

The movie did not take an in-depth look at issues such as legalization and the history of prohibition. It instead repeated very sternly that you can get marijuana legally in California. According to Super High Me it is as easy as going to the doctor and saying, “I need weed.” The doctor will give you your medical marijuana card and you’re good to go. The best part of the documentary is when it switches between Doug going through the sixty days of the documentary and back to him performing standup. At the comedy club, Doug references his own experiences making the movie. At one point he is trying to decide if he is still funny while not stoned. The movie then switches to Doug telling his audience, “these are some jokes I wrote while I was sober […] Why don’t they make a mildew remover called mildon’t. Pretty good, right?”

While short on information, the movie does entertain. If you need a stoner comedy to watch with your friends, this is worth your time. Doug Benson is hilarious, although I’m not sure he’s as good as Bill Maher. This movie probably has more in common with greats such as Half Baked than with drug war documentaries.

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