AZ may see more Marijuana Operations

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If you haven’t been watching the news or reading the news on the internet then you have been missing out that Arizona has become the 15th state to legalize medical marijuana.  People have been waiting for the rules to go in place so they can open up a dispensary.  Arizona will have 124 dispensaries in total throughout the state.

Patients can start applying now for their medical marijuana cards and the new law may be compelled to apply for home-growing operations because the drug will not be available in local dispensaries until late summer.  This will be opening the door for thousands of household marijuana gardens around the state.  A provision in Prop 203 says that patients can apply for this self-growing license..

A caregiver can grow 12 plants per patient and can have up to five patients.  Either way I think this great to see another state on board to the legalization of a plant that is the safest on this planet.

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