Gary Johnson Still in the Race

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Presidential candidate and marijuana supporter Gary Johnson still feels good despite poll numbers.
Gary Johnson Legalize Medical Marijuana
To many Gary Johnson is quickly becoming another Republican also ran, but not if you ask him. Despite being left out of the New Hampshire debate, he feels that he has the momentum. His pro-pot Libertarian views have not been received as well in the GOP as fellow Libertarian Ron Paul. He is currently polling at just one percent, while Paul is around ten. Front runners Bachman and Romney have been consistently around twenty-five percent. Johnson is not deterred. As he put it, “there are 126 candidates on the Republican side of the ticket right now.” While that is a bit of an exaggeration, the numbers will whittle down to Johnson’s benefit. Johnson compares his campaign to his successful campaign for Governor. Less then six months before the Gubernatorial primary, Johnson was polling with only two percent of the vote. Despite this he went on to win not just the primary, but also the election.
Johnson’s position as an outside candidate has allowed him to go on the attack in certain cases. He has been one of the only candidates with a clear position on the recent debt ceiling debate. Johnson released a public statement saying, “I would not raise the debt ceiling […] for all the talk about balancing the budget and for all the talk about not printing money, this isn’t a mechanism to make that happen. I don’t want to downplay the problems associated with not raising the debt ceiling, but I just think that those problems will end up paling in comparison with the monetary collapse of this country.”
Gary Johnson Legalize Medical Marijuana
Johnson wants to present a different view of the Republican party. He wants people to identify the Republican party as the party of choice. His dream is that, “Republicans are always going to support your ability as an individual to choose; whether it be education, whether it be what you choose to eat or drink, or whether its what you choose to put in your body ” This Libertarian leaning philosophy is what drives Johnson to run. Johnson believes that the country is less than two years away from complete statism. Johnson is not a man without back up plans however. If he fails to win the Republican nomination, he will not run as a third party candidate. Pending his loss he will retire to North Tahoe and spend the rest of his life pursuing his favorite past time, skiing.

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