Is Medical Marijuana Legal: Important Points to Consider

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Is Medical marijuana legal? The first and foremost answer to this question is that medical marijuana has now been made legal. Therefore now, in Washington DC, there are at least 8 hospitals/dispensaries where patients can get the drugs of marijuana as a treatment. A medical marijuana card can be issued in each patient’s name and the record can be kept accordingly.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) said that it is for D. C. to come to a conclusion on helping such patients. There are patients who suffer from continual pain. And the diseases seem to be incurable. When a patient starts taking the medicine, it should not be marijuana addiction. Rather it should be allowed to use only when is extremely necessary.

Patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, glaucoma or cancer can also be treated with marijuana medicine. Such a patient is allowed to have around four ounces of the medication. When and how the treatment continued can be recorded on a medical marijuana card. This will further help to keep the history of both the patients and the medication given.

More than four ounces of drugs is not allowed. Consuming these drugs more than the reasonable limit might cause marijuana addiction. Another reason is that any individual is not allowed to cultivate marijuana on their own. However, authorized companies can deal in them, but not without the proper consent of a doctor.

Earlier, the Democrat-controlled Congress refused to override the D. C. Council bill. The council supported a provision for the 2011 budget. In the budget there is a very excellent stipulation, done in the humanitarian view. For the deprived and the needy there will either be concession in the cost of the drugs or will be provided entirely free of cost. As far as the distributors are concerned, they will be allowed only 95 plants to grow.

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