Judge orders Medical Marijuana business to stop

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District Judge Dusty Deschamps on Friday granted the restraining order sought by Jason Christ, but refused his request to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the former employees.  The Montana Caregivers Network have been ordered to stop operating a medical marijuana consulting business pending a hearing.

Montana Caregivers Network operated a business that traveled to several Montana cities in vans called “cannabis caravans” for medical marijuana patients.  Apparently the three partners of the business including Christ falsified some applications for medical marijuana cards, used company funds for personal expenses, and drove a company van while smoking marijuana.  They then started 406 Alternative Care Consultants.

Christ said, “every business has a right to protect their trade secrets” and that is why he had his employees sign a nondisclosure agreement that applies in a 500-mile radius for five years from the date they leave the company.

In rejecting Christ’s request, Deschamps wrote, “the Court finds there are numerous allegations in the complaint that… may have some merit in the eyes of a jury.”

This is exactly why marijuana needs to be legalized so people can operate legit businesses.  People who falsify records, etc… and deceive people to break the law I don’t agree with, but if they were to legalize marijuana people wouldn’t have to.

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