L.A. Medical Marijuana Dispensary Map. Most marijuana dispensaries ordered closed.

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Los Angeles has announced that only 41 health centers marijuana have the right to stay in business under the restrictive law, phone number so low that the city will suspend the process of winnowing and ask the judge to rule that a legitimate.

“It was a surprise,” said Jane Asher, special assistant to the city attorney who worked in close collaboration with the city council to draft a comprehensive medical marijuana law and defend it in court. After a 2-month review of outpatient records in the city found that three-quarters of the official 169 dispensaries, which apply to stay open, do not meet the requirements of regulations. Some of Unacceptable clinics are among the most prestigious in the city.

This map shows the location of businesses to clean, remain open (yellow), and the city government is determined not eligible for work (shown in red). View Marijuana dispensaries in a larger map.

Source: Los Angeles City Council.

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