Marijuana Drug testing; when should you avoid it?

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Marijuana, also known as Cannabis Sativa, is considered to be one of the most used stimulants next to coffee and tobacco since marijuana is also safer than the two. Experts say that marijuana is the easiest detectable drug in a drug test because of the fact that marijuana is not a real drug and so it acts unlike it. As we know, marijuana can stay up to a minimum of days and a maximum of months and so the last thing you need at this point of time is a drug test. Marijuana is the least known substance to be harmful but it also the most likely reason why you will fail your next drug screening.
Marijuana Testing
If passing the test means keeping your job, then you have to be a hundred percent sure that you will pass. Always try to estimate the time marijuana will be expelled from your body from the time you used it. Several factors can contribute to the timeline of marijuana in your system, some of which are your diet and daily exercise. The most important is the speed of your metabolism which varies on different people. The quality and frequency of the marijuana you took also contribute on how long it will stay in your body. If you are a chronic smoke of marijuana, it will take months before you will be drug free and ready for your test. If you are an occasional user, then it will only take weeks before it disappears from your body.
Marijuana Testing
Cleansing products are also available today and can be seen and bought on the internet. Despite the fact that these products do not promise passing results, they may be your only option for tight situations that require immediate intervention like for random drug tests. If you are about to be tested for drugs, you should also know what type of drug test will be given. Each drug test has its own advantages and disadvantages and each with its own way of catching you guilty with drug abuse. The hair drug test is the most accurate type of test for marijuana. It has a detection time of at least 90 days from the last time of use and so there is a great chance you will test positive. To avoid all these troubles, the best way to pass the drug test is not to use marijuana at all.

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