Marijuana Growing Laws

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Marijuana Growing Laws

Marijuana Growing Laws

Growing marijuana is usually forbidden by law across various states in the US, but in some selected states this is permitted under some conditions. Marijuana growing laws differs from one state to another and most of them are conflicting with the federal laws. It is not just state or federal laws that differ from one another in regards to marijuana laws, even county laws across a single state differs from one another. Penalties for growing marijuana range from a fine amounting to a few hundred dollars to a few years of imprisonment.

In almost all states in the US cultivating cannabis for personal use and for sale is a crime. According to federal laws not only growing cannabis, but also harvesting wild cannabis is a crime. In all state across the US a person found to be cultivating, harvesting, drying or processing marijuana will be charged with criminal laws and will be sentenced to a jail term. According to both federal and state marijuana growing laws these offences are punishable by jail terms ranging from one year to life in prison.

Idaho is one the states in the US which has the most stringent law to punish anyone who is found to possess or grow marijuana. The fines for growing less than 25 plants can invite a fine in the tune of $15,000 and a jail term of 5 years.

Medical marijuana license

Medical marijuana license is a type of license that can be acquired by patients or other agencies allowing them to grow marijuana for medical purposes. There are currently 14 states in the US that permits the medical usage of marijuana, after considering its benefits in the treatment of certain kinds of diseases like AIDS, Cancer, leukemia, bipolar disorder, Parkinson disease etc.

California was the first state in the US to legalize growing marijuana for medical usage in 1996. Soon after that Oregon followed its footsteps by taking effective steps to legalize the medical usage of marijuana by allowing controlled cultivation. So, if you are a patient suffering from chronic pain you can always take the approval of a certified medical marijuana doctor and then apply for a medical marijuana license which will allow you to grow marijuana to treat your ailment. However, it should be noted that getting a license doesn’t mean getting the permission to grow unlimited marijuana plants. If you decide to follow such steps it will be seen by the state as a case of misdemeanor and on the basis of this you can be penalized with a fine or even a jail term. It is therefore better to stick to the law and grow just the optimal amount of marijuana that is being fixed by the law.

Another state that allows medical usage of marijuana is New York. Ironically New York is a state with one of the highest arrest rates in the US for marijuana related offences. This feat makes New York the marijuana crime capital of the world.

Marijuana growing laws differs in leniency and severity even across the states where it is legal to do so. 12 of the 15 states where marijuana is legal require proof of residency to be considered as a qualified patient to get medical marijuana license. Oregon and Montana are the only state accepting out of the state applications. New Jersey and District of Columbia are two states where medical marijuana is legal but home cultivation is not allowed. In New Mexico you will require a special license to cultivate marijuana, and in Arizona you can only cultivate marijuana if the patient lives 25 miles or more from the dispensary.

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