Medical Marijuana Doctors

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Medical Marijuana Doctors

Medical Marijuana Doctors

Marijuana has been long regarded as a substance of abuse and many failed to realize the real medicinal benefits of this drug. In recent years research has led to the conclusion that marijuana is much more effective than traditional medicines in treating various forms of ailments. Medical use of marijuana is today practiced in various states in the United States. Medical marijuana are available for sale in almost all states in the US but the law stands between the buyer and the seller in many states as possession and sale of such drug is punishable with a hefty fine or prison sentence or both.

Medical marijuana sales occur across various states and represent a multi million dollar market. Medical marijuana doctors are actually physicians which helps people to attain state approval to acquire marijuana for medicinal use in states where it is legal to do so. Marijuana medicals in the US is permitted to people with medicinal marijuana license or cards which is governed by strict medical marijuana laws.

Most medical marijuana doctors are qualified professionals with either MDs or Dos (doctors of osteopathy) who have licenses to practice in that particular region or state. Although medical marijuana doctors do not directly prescribe or dispense marijuana to their patients but provide essential medical backings to judge the patients condition which warrants medicinal usage of marijuana for effectively treatment for their ailments. On the basis of the patients condition they can help their patient to obtain medical marijuana cards or medical marijuana license by showing that for a particular kind of ailment marijuana has been proven to be the best solution for treatment.

Without the help of medical marijuana doctors a patient cannot get access to marijuana in a legal manner as they have to submit treatment particulars which are only prescribed by marijuana doctors. Another important thing to note here is that, even with medical proof or prescription a patient cannot use marijuana due to the complicated laws in various states and also the federal laws which till date forbids the use of marijuana for medical or non-medical purposes and acts as a stumbling block in the path.

In states where it is legitimate to carry out marijuana treatment, medical marijuana doctors meets patients interested in using the drug for better results and does physical examination and diagnose the ailment and prescribe the drug only if it is required. However, marijuana doctors will not choose to diagnose patients who usually comes prepared with records from another physician.

Medical marijuana has been proven useful in treating various diseases like insomnia, nausea, vomiting, neurogenic pain, asthma, glaucoma, migraines, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel syndrome and it is also helpful in the treatment of modern day diseases like Cancer and AIDS. Medical marijuana cards can be helpful for patients with chronic pain as it acts as a quick painkiller. The primary reasons to possess a medical marijuana card are:

  • To try an alternative treatment other than traditional medicines
  • To find an affordable medicine
  • Reduction of side-effects that are associated with regular medicines
  • For using cannabis legally

A medical marijuana card can be used to possess small amount of marijuana for medicinal purposes and also allows patients to grow their own medicine or purchase it from a dispensary. However, remember to visit your medical marijuana doctor and get a legal prescription to attain this drug for your use. Also get information on your local state laws to avoid legal complication if you are caught with cannabis.

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