Medical Marijuana Facts

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Medical Marijuana Facts
Medical Marijuana Facts

Medical marijuana is a wonder drug for effective treatment of many diseases and ailments. Unfortunately in many states in the US this drug is prohibited for public usage. Marijuana has been regarded by many governments across the globe as an illicit drug which is considered to be far more dangerous to use then what the common masses consider it to be. However, governments around the world are yet to realize the medicinal benefits marijuana has over other general drugs available in the market. It has been proven that marijuana have far less side-effects than other traditional medicines used to treat various ailments.

Myths surrounding usage of marijuana

Marijuana has been a subject of various myths which portrays it as a harmful substance rather than a medicinal drug. The most common myths surrounding the usage of marijuana are:

  • Marijuana can cause permanent mental illness: The real fact is that there is till now no scientific evidence to prove that marijuana causes permanent mental illness amongst teens and adults. If taken in large dosage marijuana can cause some mental effects but it is largely temporary.
  • Marijuana is a highly addictive drug: Many people consider marijuana to be an addictive drug which is difficult to quit for regular users. The real fact is that these feelings are temporary and a very small percentage of regular users are affected by it.
  • Marijuana is more damaging to the lungs than tobacco: Most people may agree with this fact but the real fact is that marijuana poses far lesser danger to the lungs. Another important fact is that marijuana is smoked or consumed much lesser than tobacco due to the availability of tobacco on a large scale.

Marijuana facts for teens

Popular beliefs buts the usage of marijuana amongst teens in the US at a high rate but the real fact is that very few teens are exposed to this drug. A little less than 10% of teens in the US regularly use marijuana (also popularly known as pot or weed amongst teens). Many teenagers feel marijuana can help them escape from problems at home or school or with their closest friends. Marijuana increases heart rate, anxiety and also induces panic attack in adults and adolescent.

Marijuana Medical use

Marijuana is a very effective painkiller and it is also helpful in treating nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Marijuana can provide quick and long relief for people suffering from prolonged pain. The side-effects associated with medical marijuana is also lesser than other drugs. Medical marijuana facts are still being discarded by the governments of various states in the US and inspite of this the prohibition has been a complete failure and instead creating a lucrative market for violent criminals.

More medical marijuana facts

Marijuana Tax act was enacted in the US in 1937 which effectively banned medicinal or non-medicinal use of cannabis. It later spread across various nations who imposed their own laws to ban this drug. Despite this drug has become one of the most popular illicit drugs in the west. Since 1996 thirteen US states legalized the medicinal use of marijuana and seven states are considering legalizing it. Patients possessing or growing medical marijuana are also being convicted and penalized in various states in the US. In the US there are more arrests for the possession of marijuana than for criminals committing violent crimes. Almost 90% of marijuana related arrests are made for possessing the drug which is not meant for sale or manufacture.

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