Michigan Law Vague on Marijuana testing

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A lot of questions have been rising about the implementation of medical marijuana in the state of Michigan.  From zoning laws to patient confidentiality, but one issue remains kind of sticky and that is how employers and employees will respond to the legislation.

The Michigan Department of Community Health has a “Frequently Asked Question” page dealing with medical marijuana, and it contains some information about medical marijuana at work.  Anthony Freed, Executive director of Ypsilanti-based Michigan Marijuana Chamber of Commerce, says the law is “ambiguous,” and says the ambiguity is especially bad in regard to employment issues.  “There is no way to sort it out,” said Freed.  “If you read the whole body of law, it says employers do not need to accommodate (ingestion of marijuana).”

It seems likely that employers and employees will be grappling with the implication of the act for years to come.  One way to break down the law would be to implement something where employers can say you’re not allowed to come to work high.  Just like alcohol no employer wants and employee drunk on the job and marijuana should be no different.  If you come to work high then you don’t have a job just like if you were drunk on the job.

If the laws are vague it’s because the people who created the law was vague.  We should continue to tweak the law for marijuana users because it is a drug that the people want.  The people are what make the country and they are the ones that make the laws ultimately.

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