NJ is the strictest Medical Marijuana Program

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Sen. Scutari I upset the way Chris Christie is re-doing his bill that was signed in by Gov. Corzine.  Originally there were suppose to be six dispensaries that all could grow their own medical marijuana and now there will only be two growers and four dispensaries.  The regulations are so strict that patients in NJ need to start applying now just to obtain their card so they can purchase their medicine by net summer.  What a joke if you ask me.

Is it worth trying to be a grower in the state?  I don’t think it is anymore because of the way they designed it to be.  The Non  profit dispensaries, or Alternative Treatment Centers, have to obtain their supplies from one of two grow operations licensed by the state.  The application fee for a dispensary is $20,000, and only $18,000 is refundable if the application is denied.  That means you lose $2,000 if you take the risk and get denied on your application.  Then every year you will have to pay the state $20,000 for renewing your license.  Can we make it any harder for people to get into a business venture?  And why can’t I get a full refund if the state wants to deny my application?  Let’s stop the corruption.

Also dispensaries will be allowed to have a delivery service, but there must be two employees in the delivery vehicle.  The vehicle must have two locked boxes, one for cash, one for the medical marijuana.  The dispensaries must have a $1,000,000 insurance policy on each vehicle, delivery can’t be made the same day the patient places an order, and the dispensaries must tell the patients not to engage in “extraneous conversation” with the delivery persons.  Is this even humane?  Now the state can tell me who I can’t and can talk to, that’s nuts.  The start up for the program is scheduled for July 2011.

If the rules get any harder I can see how patients will revert back to the black market to get their medicine.  Isn’t that what we’re trying to avoid here in the first place?  We want to get rid of the black market so people can legitimately get medicine and know what they’re buying, etc…  With the way NJ’s medical marijuana program is heading, more people might be on the black market again.

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