No place to buy legal medical marijuana in Nevada

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Federal agents confiscated boxes of documents and other medical marijuana evidence when they raided some local clinics on Wednesday.  People are now fighting back the system and joining forces.

People in Las Vegas risk being arrested for crossing state lines with drugs if they have to go to California to buy their medical marijuana.  15 states including the District of Columbia have medical marijuana legal.

The feds say the local clinics are only licensed to consult with patients and advise them how to grow and use the drug.  They are not allowed to actually provide the drug.

People of the local community don’t want to go out to the black market and into bad neighborhoods to get their medicine to treat their symptoms.  McDonough says, “We’re a peaceful community,” he then said “People with alcohol do a lot more damage than pot smokers do.”  The people of this community want to be safe and having the drug in places like Bluebird Coffee Shop make it safe and easier to obtain for patients.

David McDonough has extremely sharp jabbing, sometimes slow burning depending on how much walking he does and relies on marijuana to cope with his pain.  He was one of dozens who showed up for a meeting to talk about how Nevada can change its laws to benefit medical marijuana patients.  The problem is there is no legal way to get it except for growing it them selves.

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