Seminar to push for Medical Marijuana

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About 15 people slipped behind a partitioned-off section of a downtown Fort Worth restaurant to hear Dallas police Officer Nick Novello and others support the legalization of marijuana.  Novello said, “The war on drugs today has left carnage.”

The seminar’ host, Medcan University, a for-profit business, is trying to build a coalition of residents in favor of legalizing marijuana use for the critically or chronically ill in Texas.  Dante Picazo, Medcan owner, said, “We are trying to educate people.”  Novello is a veteran of the Dallas PD and spokesman for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, or LEAP, a group of current and former law enforcement members who say that existing marijuana policies have failed.  He went on to say, “Full legalization and full regulation.”

Anti-marijuana legalization forces have insisted that any message allowing for marijuana will use only cause more health problems for users and more crime problems for society.  The only problem with those people are like what Novello says, which is they are not educated on the subject of marijuana.  We need to educate as many people as possible so that legalization can become a reality and what is needed for the people of this country.

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