Senator for NJ unhappy about Marijuana Program

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Sen. Nick Scutari said, “The regulations are making it impossible to implement the medical marijuana statute that was signed into law.”  He is talking about the bill he put in place that was signed into law making medical marijuana legalized in the state of NJ.  The rules have become so strict that people think the program will fail.  They also think it’s a ploy for Gov. Christie, who is against medical marijuana, to show that the program won’t work.  Scutari says the overly restrictive rules that are being implemented are making the program unworkable.

Scutari will be introducing a resolution on Monday challenging the proposed regulations.  If it passes the Health Department would get 30 days to withdraw the rules or rewrite them.  The Constitution gives the Legislature the power to invalidate rules that go beyond what lawmakers intended.  Scutari also said that the medical marijuana regulations go beyond what’s specified in the law, for example NJ rules weaken strength of the available marijuana to just 10 percent of the normal strength which is in the pill form.

Christie said he wouldn’t have signed the current law into place if he could based on that he doesn’t want NJ to be the California of the East where the marijuana program is too lax.  He said he doesn’t want to deny sick patients treatment, but insists NJ have strict regulations.

I mean come on there are going to be no food products for sale containing marijuana.  they are making patients pay outrageous prices to be a card holder.  They are making it difficult to become a grower to supplier.  If the rules stay like this people will just go back to the black market and the program will fail.  The whole purpose of legalization is to make it more regulated for consumers to get what they need.  Just like alcohol or clothes you may buy in any other store.

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