South Dakota to decide on Medical Marijuana

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South Dakota could become the 15th State in the United States to legalize medical marijuana today.  If voters agree with supporters that it’s an issue of compassion it could pass.  This wouldn’t be the first time they voted on the subject matter however.  About four years ago patients suffering from a debilitating medical condition legal access to marijuana only received 48 percent of the vote.

Supporters say Initiated Measure 13 will help those patients that are suffering from pain and muscle spasms of multiple sclerosis or the nausea from cancer.  South Dakota’s proposal is more restrictive than laws in other states that have legalized medical marijuana.  It completely bans storefront dispensaries, and instead requires patients or their designated caregivers to cultivate and handle the marijuana.

New Jersey was the 14th state that just passed medical marijuana and has the hardest rules on the books of any other states, but South Dakota could beat them out.  The question is why would you want to make it harder for patients to get their medicine?  Do we do that with any other medicine when a patient needs help?

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