State Government Debate Medical Marijuana Regulation

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medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana

State Senator Dave Lewis, (R) Helena, introduced a bill which would tax medical marijuana growers and want more open bookkeeping. Growers would be accredited, file periodical reports, submit to inspections, and be taxed 10% on each sale.

Lewis said the business needs to be regulated seriously, but others said the measure extends too far. “I want to know how much is grown, I want to know where it goes, and I want them to pay for the procedure of auditing and monitoring the commerce,” said Senator Lewis.

Tom Daubert with Patients and Families United, said, “every bill I’m aware of right now has some aspect of it that we regard as draconian, and over-reaction.”

“At this point, let’s not let the great get in the way of doing good,” said State Representative Diane Sands, (D) Missoula.

A separate bill would require a person with severe pain to receive recommendations from two doctors before getting a medical marijuana card.


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