Stopping Pot equals Sleep?

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Most people who smoke marijuana think that it helps you sleep.  Now keep in mind though that drugs work differently for different people, just like alcohol, aspirin, or even Nyquil.  Well for one actor quitting pot lead to a better sleeping arrangement.

Eric Roberts, a well-known actor, is now sleeping better after kicking his 16-year marijuana habit.  He said after quitting he discovered some pleasant side effects.  The most significant was his sleep.  Eric is the brother to Julia Roberts and father of Emma.

In an interview he said, “I started smoking pot for anger management and for sleep and it ends up getting in the way of sleep and it ends up making you cranky, so, yes, I’m sleeping now and I’m a lot sweeter.”  Roberts kicked the usage of marijuana to the curb on “Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew.  Dr. Drew reported that Eric has been weed free for two months now and he has seen some great improvements.

Like I said early every drug in the world works different for every person and for Eric Roberts he has his sleep back.  For others it may relieve the pain they need to get by the day or give them the appetite they need to eat.  I say to each his own when it comes to the drugs a person wants to use in their body.

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