Tehama Men arrested for Marijuana Possession

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Out in Cottonwood, California two Red Bluff men are facing criminal charges this morning after they were found with marijuana and concentrated cannabis last night.

According to the authorities at the Tehama County Sheriff’s Department, Kenneth Pinney and Scott Demartino were driving on Highway 36 when police pulled them over for what they say was a “vehicle code violation.”

They pulled the car over by Serenity Place on Highway 36, when deputies approached the car they could instantly smell the marijuana from inside.  They then performed a search of the vehicle, which led to the two men being arrested.  The men were found with four ounces of processed marijuana and 3.5 grams of concentrated cannabis.

Both men were booked into the Tehama County jail on several marijuana charges.  Demartino also had an outstanding warrant for theft.  Just goes to show you that marijuana needs to be legalized in America.  I don’t agree with the outstanding warrant, but the marijuana possession shouldn’t be a problem.

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