Texas Marijuana

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Texas Marijuana

Texas Marijuana

With an increasing number of people getting addicted to marijuana, the Texas marijuana laws are designed in a manner that they do not spare anyone from getting arrested for drug abuse. As per a recent survey, over 49,839 people were arrested for possessing marijuana drug and 1,804 people were arrested for selling marijuana drug in the last year. This percentage is increasing day by day, so Texas like other USA marijuana laws is abiding with certain marijuana laws. Read on to get adequate Texas marijuana law information regarding different things, be it DUID, Paraphernalia or other penalties.

Texas Marijuana DUID Penalty

Let’s first check out the DUID or Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana Drug penalty that is charged on the guilty in Texas state of the US. You would be astonished to see that unlike its selling, possessing and growing marijuana laws, Texas doesn’t abide with any DUID marijuana penalty laws. However, anyone found driving a vehicle under the influence of marijuana can be charged heavily in the form of a fine or an imprisonment. You must also notice that in case of a marijuana drug case in Texas, people can take help from marijuana attorney or lawyer. Taking such legal help can benefit a defendant during the marijuana related courtroom case trials. A marijuana lawyer or attorney can help reducing the incarceration period of Texas and also reduce the penalty fine.

Texas Marijuana Paraphernalia Penalty

Now, read on to learn about Texas marijuana paraphernalia penalty charges and cases. As per Texas marijuana laws, a person found possessing paraphernalia is charged with Case C misdemeanor with a penalty of fine up to $500. Selling paraphernalia in Texas state is also a crime that is described as Class A misdemeanor and can lead to a penalty of incarceration of 1 year and a fine of $4,000. One must also know that selling paraphernalia to a minor who is less than 3 years of age is subjected to state jail felony and can be penalized with incarceration of 180 days to 2 years and a fine of $10,000.

Texas Marijuana Miscellaneous Penalties

Just like Washington marijuana laws, Texas marijuana laws are very strict in order to curb the drub abuse in this state. One of the strict laws regarding marijuana use in Texas states that selling marijuana within a 1,000ft of a school premise can be considered as misdemeanor or felony and it can in turn result in to sentencing for a mandatory period of time and a double fine. Possessing even a small amount of as low as 4oz of marijuana drug can lead to a incarceration of 2 years or a fine of $10,000.

Texas marijuana laws were signed in the year 2007 by Governor Rick Perry to cease the usage of marijuana drug as a whole in Texas US state. Gifting marijuana or selling it is also punishable as part of the Texas marijuana laws. Not just Texas, the whole of US is against marijuana abuse and punishes the offenders. However, the first time offenders are not that severely punished as repeated offenders.

So, now we assume that you have got enough of Texas marijuana information for its different aspects by reading this article.

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