The Hemp Network spreads Medical Marijuana Inc in America

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The Hemp Network’s multi-level marketing division has signed up 2,200 independent hemp consultants in over 1,000 cities throughout the U.S. and the world, which have prepared websites and marketing campaigns in preparation of the product launch in 12 days.  Nature’s Ancient Wisdom is expected to ship, which contains medicinal mushroom and hemp protein formulas before the end of the month.

Whole food mushrooms supply the body with antioxidant enzymatic transport system targeting stress points and improving energy levels along with increasing oxygen to the cells and increasing mental clarity.  Chinese medicine traditionally has been using these mushrooms to help the body.

Dr. Stuart Titus has traveled through South America where he has been conducting clinical studies and will be opening up The Hemp Network distribution throughout sectors of Central and South America.

This year on Halloween weekend the Cannabis and Wellness industry trade show will be held in the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan.  This is the first International Holistic Health Cannabis Convention Halloween Harmony and Harvest fest.  It will be the largest even of its kind in the Midwest to date.

The Hemp Network was established to provide a wide marketplace with the use of multi-level marketing to create massive distribution of hemp and wellness-related products.

Medical Marijuana Inc provides tools for the industry to effectively manage their business with confidence that they are in full compliance.  At their Expos, including the upcoming Halloween event, the workshops and vender booths will be covering all aspects of this multi-billion dollar emerging industry.

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