Virginia discusses ban of synthetic Marijuana

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The Virginia State Crime Commission is discussing whether the state should join the nine other states that have banned the substance known as Spice, medical marijuana.  The commission reports that the use of the synthetic marijuana is on the rise nationally to be banned.  Virginia is contemplating banning the dangerous drug of Spice due to the fact people have been dying from the drug.  There are 70 known reports in the state this year alone.

Several state senators have already pre-filed bills to ban the substance in Virginia, including Sen. Mark Herring of Loudoun County.  The bills could penalize the possession and distribution of the synthetic marijuana in a similar manner to the penalties for marijuana.

Synthetic marijuana is not on any of the lists at state or federal level of controlled substances so it’s currently legal in Virginia, according the commission.  I agree with the commission on this particular drug.  If it is killing people nationwide then it needs to be banned.  Instead we should legalize the real and safe drug known as marijuana that has no other side effects.

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