Weed on Wheels

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Weed on Wheels, patients are calling it, is a medicinal marijuana delivery service, so lets take a look inside the business.  Clinton Cronin rings the doorbell.  “Delivery!” he calls, for the 10th time during his day.  When the door opens, Cronin accepts two $20 bills and refuses any tips from the customer.  What is he handing over though?  Well we know for sure it’s not pizza, but a sealed bottle containing an eighth of an ounce of medicinal marijuana.

The Northern California Natural Collective, Cronin’s organization, makes over a dozen different deliveries per day.  He delivers anywhere from San Jose to San Mateo County.  The organization opened its doors back in April and ever since has reached about 1,000 medical marijuana patients.  The organization does take credit cards or cash and will deliver within the hour depending on if you’re a usual patient.  New customers have to go through a formal approval process.

Clinton says, “If you’re calling for delivery, it’s gotta be like the pizza guy.”  Cronin is a patient himself and turned to marijuana to get rid of his addiction to painkillers.  His organization is a non-profit and doesn’t make a salary for his efforts.

If Prop 19 passes tomorrow Cronin won’t have to worry about his drivers or himself being arrested unless it comes from the Federal government.  Let’s make marijuana legal so Cronin’s patients can continue to receive their medicine without having to worry about committing a criminal act.

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Thank god for this organization. True collectives such as these are a blessing. Great article. Marijuana is medicine!

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