Why did Prop 19 go down?

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They are saying that Prop 19 failed in part due to many proponents emphasizing the wrong arguments for legalization.  Many supporters promised major benefits to California’s budget because of reduced expenditure on marijuana prohibition and increased revenue from marijuana taxation.  Not to mention Mexican drug violence would fall substantially.

The mainstream media are calling the claims by the supporters and activists overblown.  They are saying the budget benefits were too small compared to California’s fiscal mess.  They are focusing on the wrong facts.  Just because the benefits are too small they are still generating income and profits for the state to help reduce their massive problem.  Not to mention we can stop jailing innocent patients and citizens.

The only problem with Prop 19 was that the Federal government said they would still enforce marijuana as an illegal substance even though state law would have approved it.  I think that scared some voters to swinging to the other side.  When will people understand that the control from the top needs to stop?  If people want to do a harmless drug like marijuana in their own home they should be allowed to.  Stop arresting regular innocent citizens and start arresting real criminals.

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