Brown and Whitman will meet on Prop. 19

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The Punditty Project said Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman will meet tonight in Davis, California for the first of three scheduled debates.  One of the question’s needs to be about proposition 19 and the forward movement of legalized marijuana.

Both representatives have announced their opposition to the measure and don’t want the drug to be legalized for the use by adults in the Golden State.  The Punditty would submit something along the lines below about industrial hemp if it were permitted to:

We know you both stand opposed to Prop. 19 and using cannabis for recreational purposes, but if it passes and you are elected governor, would you support industrial hemp production and the creation of tens of thousands of Green Jobs in California, or would you keep repeating the same tired and discredited – not to mention in applicable – rhetoric about “marijuana” rather than honestly discussing the hemp issue?

I suggest that all Californians contact their governors via email, phone, and fax, anyway possible and get some real candidates that want to discuss real issues and concerns.

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