If we legalize will Law Enforcement cost go down?

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Most supporters including myself agree that if marijuana because legalized that not only will California get out of debt, but it will lower all types of different costs.  Richard Lee has donated $1.5 million of his own money in effort to getting the bill he co-wrote passed, which is Proposition 19 coming up in November.

Lee owns a dispensary and runs a marijuana cultivation school in Oakland.  He was paralyzed from the waist down in 1990 and a year after that he learned how to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, especially for those with spinal cord injuries.  He was a victim of a carjacking, which led to his injuries.  The police took so long that he was mad at them as much as the carjacking itself.  He was tired of law enforcement looking for individuals who smoke marijuana versus looking for real criminals, such as the ones that carjacked him.

Of course Bill Gore, San Diego Sheriff, will say there isn’t a focus in his department on finding and arresting small-time marijuana users.  We have to think though; he is just one department out of hundreds of millions of departments.  Other cops and departments use marijuana as a way to search your car, bring you in so the cop looks good, etc…  We are everyday citizens just like them that shop in the same grocery stores or malls, we just use a non harmful drug, while they may use something else.

California alone has had 61,000 marijuana arrests and 60,000 unsolved violent crimes.  Is that proof that law enforcement priorities are in a misplaced direction?  Marijuana needs to get off the black market and onto the legal market.  This will give law enforcement a direction to go in that they need to go in.  Let’s arrest real criminals who kill people, etc, not non-violent people who just like to smoke a joint to relax or medicate them selves.

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