Marijuana is warming up in America

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As more people argue the legalization for marijuana, it has become more and more acceptable to start ‘burning’ or smoking.  Many on campus have realized that “pothead” or “stoner” is not he typical cliché.  Recent polls conducted by Gallup and CBS News, that 44 percent of all Americans believe that cannabis should be legalized.  It has almost doubled since the ‘90s when only roughly 25 percent was in favor for full legalization.

Why the relaxed attitudes all of sudden?  The new increase is said to correlate with number of users in America.  NORML the reason is multifold.  “There is a huge cultural difference regarding the affinity that baby boom generation has with cannabis as compared to, say…the World War II generation,” St. Pierre told the Daily.  He also says the change is due to improvements in technology, pointing to the fact that, in light of the internet, people can share ideas about marijuana and gather each other through support for legalization.

More and more people are becoming organized and are starting to make a true change for what they believe in and what they believe is right.  We are all humans and live off the earth.  Marijuana is a drug from the earth that can help certain people.  I say let those people live.

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