Prop 19: Update on Marijuana Taxes

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Voters in California rejected prop 19 this week.  A curious thing happened however when the votes were tallied up finally.  As voters rejected Prop 19, a statewide initiative that promised to tax marijuana, they voted overwhelmingly for local measures to do so.

Voters in nine different cities passed the measures to tax local marijuana establishments, including existing medical marijuana dispensaries and any recreational weed business that would have opened under Prop 19.   So doesn’t that mean people are for legalization?  In Sacramento, more than 70 percent imposed a tax of up to 4 percent on the city’s 39 registered dispensaries.  In Santa Barbara and Morro Bay, voters roundly rejected propositions to ban medical marijuana outlets.  This is a clear sign that Californians want marijuana legalized.  I think the issue is that not everyone came out to vote Yes.

A lot of people were feared to think that there would be more weed-altered drivers on the road without sufficient way to test them like alcohol.  Alcohol has the Breathalyzer test so police are able to check on the spot.  With marijuana you would have to test them at the station through hair follicle test or urine.  For some people this wasn’t sufficient enough.  Well I have one point for you who think this naively; don’t you think people drive around high now?  People abuse alcohol and drive everyday, what makes you think people aren’t on other drugs besides marijuana while they’re driving and that includes Nyquil.  Don’t be so naïve about the situation, look at the facts first.

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