Who’s the next Medical Marijuana State?

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As we all know right now that Arizona became the 15th state to legalize medical marijuana in the United States.  The ballot initiative passed with 50.13% of the vote.  Talk about a tight squeeze, which law enforcement all opposed.  The great thing about this is the people got what they want and that’s what makes this country so beautiful.

We all know as well that NJ was the 14th state to legalize marijuana.  The problem in that state is that it is the strictest law out of the 15 states.  More people will end up on the black market getting their medical marijuana because the rules are so strict.  It is almost like the state government wants the program to fail.

Well watch out Missouri and Illinois citizens because medical marijuana could be coming to a state near you.  That is right, legalizing medical marijuana has been proposed in both states, but has not passed yet.  One major obstacle to legalizing medical marijuana is making sure that only medical marijuana patients get marijuana, not recreational users. This is the obstacle states are having in passing the law.  I say that is an obstacle and that is more reason to just legalize it completely this way you don’t have to make the law so obscure and you can control and regulate the drug like every other drug in this country.

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